Enterosgel®: Innovative Intestinal Absorbent for Effective Toxin Elimination and Gastrointestinal Wellness

**For Children & Adults • Non-allergenic**

Enterosgel®: Your Innovative Intestinal Absorbent for Effective Toxin Elimination and High Sorption Capacity. A Trusted Medical Device for Gastrointestinal Wellness.

**Introduction to Enterosgel® and Its Usage**

Enterosgel®, an advanced intestinal absorbent, targets medium-weight toxic metabolites by binding toxins, allergens, and pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract, aiding in their removal from the body. It complements standard therapies for acute enteric issues.

**Directions for Effective Use**

Administer Enterosgel® following guidance. Shake well before use. Suitable for children aged 1-3 under doctor’s advice. Remember to take it with water, 1–2 hours apart from medication intake.


Avoid Enterosgel® in cases of intestinal atony or prior intolerance.

**Pregnancy and Breastfeeding**

Enterosgel® is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Consult your healthcare provider if unwell during pregnancy.

**Additional Information**

Ingredients: polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (methyIsilicic acid hydrogel) – 70%, purified water – 30%.

Storage Recommendations: Store at 4–25 °C. Consume within 30 days of opening.

**Possible Side Effects**

Common side effects may include nausea, vomiting, or constipation. Monitor for other potential effects.

Enterosgel® is a patented medical device by Bioline Pharmaceutical, ensuring gastrointestinal wellness.

**Manufacturer and Sponsor Information**

Bioline Products s.r.o., Krakovská 1338/10, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic. Tel./Fax: +420 266 317 783. Email: info@enterosgel.eu.

Sponsor in Australia: Medsilica Australia Pty. Ltd, 55 Oceano St, Copacabana, NSW 2251. Email: info@medsilica.com | Website: www.medsilica.com.au.