Enterosorption testimonial

Enterosorption is a word most Australians would have never heard of, but the use of enterosorbents dates back thousands of years. The healers of ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece and Russia have used charcoal, clay, burnt bone and pounded tuffs to treat poisonings, intestinal disorders and other diseases.  It comes from the words ‘enteron’, meaning Intestines, and ‘sorption’ meaning to soak up or adhere to. It is the process of adsorbing poisons, and unfavourable microorganisms from your intestines, which are then excreted by the bowels. Basically this detoxification effect is associated with the absorption of toxic products, not only produced, but also secreted in the intestine.

Enterosgel in Australia

It will be available in Australia is the modern enterosobent, Enterosgel®. With over 6.5 million tubes of Enterosgel® consumed around the world every year (that’s 100 million doses!), Australians can now access the benefits this unique product offers.

The best natural detox in Australia

More advanced than the ancient enterosorbents, when swallowed your body gives Enterosgel® the green light to bind toxins, viruses, fungus, and opportunistic bacteria along with their endotoxins – and help them travel through your stomach and intestines to be fully excreted at the other end. It is one of the most effective ways to rid your intestinal system of nasty toxins that may be causing you discomfort.

Accelerate your standard treatment

Enterosgel® is best known as ancillary treatment to alleviate diarrhea caused by bacterial or viral infections, poisonings, food intolerances and other irritations of the gut.

Enterosgel properties

Enterosgel® has a unique pore structure – giving it the ability to attract and bind medium size molecules. This is what allows Enterosgel® the ability to adsorb pathogens, bacterial toxins, viruses, allergens, and other harmful irritants, while leaving the things our body wants (such as our beneficial bacteria, metabolites, minerals and vitamins) untouched.

Enterosgel the best product in Australia

Enterosgel® leaves the good flora in your gut to do its beneficial work – like activating your vitamins – while extracting the nasty pathogens along with their enterotoxins. It is then completely excreted naturally within 12 hours, along with all the toxins it adsorbed.

Enterosgel non-allergenic

Enterosgel® is a tasteless gel that is:

Sugar and sweetener free; Lactose free; Gluten free; Fat free; Free from flavours and preservatives.

Enterosgel organic, suitable for Australian vegetarians and vegans

This makes it a great product for people with sensitivities, intolerances, allergies or vegetarians and vegans. Based on 100% organic compounds and minerals, Enterosgel® is made from non-allergenic Polymethylsiloxane Polyhydrate (70%) and purified water (30%).

Enterosgel for the whole family

Given the ingredients in Enterosgel®, it is a great solution for children aged over one, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Enterosgel increase efficacy of the standard treatment in Australia

If you’re on medication and are concerned about Enterosgel® impacting its effectiveness, don’t worry. Due to Enterosgel®’s hydrophobic nature, it cannot cross the gut wall and enter the body. This means it doesn’t create a chemical interaction with any medication.

Always consult your doctor in Australia

Just to be safe, it is advised that you take your Enterosgel® two hours away from any medication and supplements to ensure you get your full prescribed dose and to fully prevent Enterosgel® from adsorbing any of it. Of course, it is always recommended that you check with your GP before using any new health related products.

Enterosgel patented in Switzerland

Now available in 30 countries including most of Europe, South America, New Zealand, Africa and Asia. See what Enterosgel® can do for you.

Enterosgel in Australia – Free shipment

Medsilica Australia has proposed the Free shipment option for customer in Australia. The free delivery option in Australia is available. The has been approved by TGA.

Free Enterosgel in Australia

Medsilica Australia has announced, the Enterosgel for Free option for Australians is available.